Individualtion is a sculpture that I created to celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of Carl Jung authoring Psychological Types. This sculpture was aptly located out on the deep Playa in the Nevada desert at Burning Man 2019. Individuation represents the struggle between the conscious and unconscious mind to find a sense of wholeness. Next year shall be 100 years since Carl Jung stated, "there is no coming to consciousness without pain", and this installation represents the process and struggle to become whole; by combining the conscious and unconscious elements of the mind. Even the process of building this art was like individuation. It can be scary, painful and impacted all aspects of my life.

The sculpture illustrates the stuggle to find the balance between the conscious and unconscious. These two elements which are represented by the two sculpted figures: one the anima and the other animus, the yin and the yang, and the orthagonal connection betwen the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. These two halves of the one 'collective man' are molded into one character, like in process of Individuation, to create a complete or whole Self. This sculpture represets the collective man struggling to come to conciousness.


The Origin, on Father's Day (June 16th) 2019, I made this original sketch. Sketch by a Father.

The Origin, on Father's Day (June 16th) 2019 I created and conceived the sculpture in Hatsburg, MO

My rendering from my imagination and dream of how Individuation would look in Black Rock City at Burning Man.

The manifestion into reality. The real Individuation at Burning Man 2019.

As Jung said "Individuation is the lifelong process of the differentiation of the Self". The stainless steel sculpture enabled pure reflection at deeper level. Looking into the reflection citizens of BRC coukld see a glimpse into there own Self, and the process, or metamorphisis, of the Self in becoming whole (holy).

The mirror polished stainless steel enabled participants to reflect on their own Self, and "meet ourselves on the path of life". In addition, for those with the eyes to see it... "the ever present reality of Synchronicity". Jung stated "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate".  Thus, reflecting on the Individuation installation hopefully encourged participant to look inside to differentiate their self. "He wo looks outside dreams but he whom looks inside awakens"

This sculpturte was born from my deep psyche and my interest in Jung and his Individuation process. I wanted to connect with my inner self whilst maintaining a contact with my conciousness to integrate both halves of the psyche of the collective man on his journey through life.

Alchemy created a beautiful sculpture from base metal and I hope this work has put me one step closer to becoming a whole perosn, differentiated from others to conciously exist on this journey through life. I will continue to create and Alchenmize my work to endevour to bring my personal and collective unconscious into consciousness (e.g., by means of dreams, active imagination, or art) to be assimilated into the whole personality. This is a completely natural process necessary for the integration of the psyche to become a whole person.


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A professional hand stand artist balances on top of Individuation.

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Individuation sculpture

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