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Fufilling your potential

The Self from a Jungian perspectuve is everything you could be across time. This is also called Your Potential. Hence, there is You and there is the potential inside You. "Potential" is an interesting idea because it represents something that is not yet real. But we act like it is real... beacuse people always say "You should live up to your potential". FACT #1: Potential is what you could be if you interacted with the World in a manner that would gain you the most information. Because you build yourself out of the infomation in a Piagetian sense.

Seems simple. To maximize your potential you build yourself out of information. But I am not talking about just reading books, watching videos on personal development, attending Harvard for some leadership training or looking up information on Google. It is mucvh deeper than that. FACT #2: If you put yourself in a new environment, new genes turn on in your nevrous system. These genes encode for new proteins and this results in the generation of new circuits and your mind expands. This all shows you are full of biological potential. But this deeper potential, Your Potential, will not be realized unless you move yourself around in the World: into difficult and challenging or new circumstances and new environments. As such, moving will turn on these new and different circuits in your mind and you can then gain more information in a deeper sense. You will then expand you mind and this is the only way maximize Your Potential.

FACT3# If you truly want to live up to your potential then find new circumstance and new challenges. Move. Gain the Information to grow your mind (not just learn and retain more informnation) because biology proves experiencing new enviorments generates new circuits in your mind. Do not sit still and have others juyst talk about your potential. Design the life you need to fufill and maximise your potential. Grow your mind. Generate these new circuits and turn on new genes in your nervous system. Finally, be prepared for those who like the Status Quo. So when someone looks at your C.V or resume and asks "why did you move around so much", you will have the perfect answer. I am ensuring I maximize my potential and grow my mind and my Self.

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